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Raman took from me was that I would contribute articles as regularly as I had done till then. I knew that Gayatri was working hard to keep up the excellence of the Astrological Magazine as all the requests for articles through letters and telephone calls came from Gayatri since and never from Dr. We had heard Dr.

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Raman speak many times with his slightly indistinct accent speeches which some Indians even could not understand. Many American friends told me that they had found it difficult to understand when Dr. Raman delivered speeches. Raman that his daughter was a better speaker than he was because of a very distinct, clear and reasonably slow tempo of her speaking. I heard again in San Francisco in in the ACVA conference, now as a more mature and experience astrologer speaking with incisive astrological logic.

It was then that I got her horoscope and saw the connection of the ninth and tenth houses the promise of carrying on the legacy of her father. Better still in Jaimini where her Amatyakaraka connected with the tenth lord aspects her ninth house. I have not taken her permission reveal her horoscope. I continued writing very regularly for the Astrological Magazine till after which I had more time, since I had retired, to write books. But by then, Gayatri had blossomed out as a mature editor, though still a joint editor.

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I had examined Dr. In Vimshottari dasha it was the dasha of Mercury the fifth lord for this purpose and the antardasha of Jupiter second and eleventh lord in the tenth house. From Mercury, Jupiter the fifth lord aspects the tenth house from Simha. Astrologically it was the right decision to be taken and Dr. Raman must have seen it astrologically also, I presumed, after examining the horoscope of Gayatri among all his children.

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I was very happy, in a very subjective way, as I learnt my astrology from my mother and if Gayatri learnt from her father, it was a happy father daughter heritage as in my case it is mother son heritage. If the fifth, ninth and eleventh lords and houses form this combination, there will be many students or shishyas as in my case. See it in the case of Rama Krishna Paramhamsa where the fifth lord Mercury is the lagna aspected by Jupiter the eleventh lord showing that he passed on his heritage not to one but many disciples. Many people do not know that Ma Anandmoyee has many great siddha disciples whose grace and miracles are known only to some people in close circles.

Yogi Harbhajan has his fifth and tenth lord Mercury and Mars his lagna is Kumbha conjoined and aspected by Jupiter, the eleventh lord showing many of his disciples, including his two sons carrying on his legacy. In the case of Dr. Raman it is rare combination of the fifth, ninth and tenth lords combined in the seventh house showing many of his children, and many of his unknown disciples who picked up astrology reading his books, carrying on his tradition. Among them all, Dr.

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Raman lives through his famous daughter, the best known woman astrologer of the world. Power of Moon based on the gunas of planets associating with and how they decisively influence the mental stability of a native. Association with malefics can lead to sudden growth and downfall and more interestingly how association with malefics colour the spirituality was explained with examples. Drawing from Srimadbhagavadgita, she enumerated the qualities of a saint and a demonic person. One thought-provoking idea she submitted was that of paisacha yoga, formed by the association of Moon and Mercury.

Cautioning about the indiscriminate use of this yoga Smt Gayatri amply demonstrated how this yoga can lead to demonic personality or given right conditions can transmute it in to a daivamsa yoga. Combinations for becoming a sannyasi or leading an ascetic life were enumerated from classics. The tattvas and significations of signs and planets bring in qualitative changes in the behaviour of planets should not never be forgotten she emphasised. The day also found Smt Gayatri Devi explaining the innovative attempts she has made in the field of prasna or horary.

Many cases from her diary were recollected along with the rationale for her predictions. It was exciting to hear her on how the relation between ascendant and karaka planet can give vital clues about a lost article or which house should be considered for article. Quoting from Sage Satyacharya she explained that classically laid down principles cannot be followed today. Her emphasis was on being pragmatic rather than being dogmatic about either scriptures or even modern science.

Charlotte: Right. I notice that you have sold out all of your copies of your new book, in the book store! So congratulations on that! Charlotte: So, what re your plans for the future, do you have another book in process or are you teaching? Gayatri Devi: As I have said before, I make no plans. I just drift with the tide. And, if it is something that is difficult, I pray to God to give me strength to abide by it.

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I never ask Him to change anything, Him or Her. Whatever way you look at God. Charlotte: Exactly. Gayatri Devi: So, when I had to resign from the magazine. It was like being, like a fish out of water.

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Or you know, being without oxygen. I said, if its Your Will, give me the strength to understand and abide by it. The American students are so happy to see you, do you have any advice to students who are trying to do Jyotish in the West? Gayatri Devi: See, Astrology cannot be divorced from Philosophy. If you want to understand Astrology properly, you also have to understand philosophy. And in that sense, I would say the philosophy of Adwita, that is the oneness of all Creation.

That can be a great help in understanding a chart. Interpreting a chart. And, in also hearing any suggestions through the chart, for handling difficult situations. And, the most important thing, Father would emphasize, and before him, Great Grandfather, his Grandfather, who was Jyotishi Prof. Suryanarain Rao , was to never to give categorical predictions, but to always emphasize the role of effort.

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Which is how it should be. Charlotte: Emphasize the role of effort. Gayatri Devi: And whatever comes to you as Fate, is nothing more than your own predetermined and past existence. Charlotte: Okay.

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Charlotte: Please! Gayatri Devi: There is the student, and there is the Zen Master. Fate, or Free Will? He wants to know the answer to the most serious question, and the Master is telling him to do something that is totally unconnected with it. But the Master says. The right foot, let us say. He is standing on his left foot. Every time he tries to lift up the other foot, he falls down. But, once you made the choice, the result of the choice, made you rooted in a situation, and that is Fate. The readers are going to love that.

Gayatri Devi: um hum Charlotte: Well, in this case, I think Thank you for your time, unless you have anything else that you would like to say. Very much. Gayatri Devi: Thank you very much. The questions they ask, and the seriousness with which they approach the subject.

Its very heartening, coming from across the seas, to a culture that has nothing to do with Astrology, as it is known in the country of its origin. Who are born, and -- and who have grown up and lived in an atmosphere of rationalism should be approaching it with such seriousness, giving it their time and energy.

Which also, is a very good thing to happen. Because, with all the rationalistic thinking, there could have the spectacles of no consequence. The very fact that they are pursuing it with such zeal, is a compliment to Astrology. Gayatri Devi: And also analogy establishes it as a subject, that can be studied by anyone, as they would study physics, chemistry, literature, or any other subject.

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  6. There is no magic, no mumbo jumbo, about it. It would be good if it were taught in high school too.

    gayatri devi vasudev horoscope Gayatri devi vasudev horoscope
    gayatri devi vasudev horoscope Gayatri devi vasudev horoscope
    gayatri devi vasudev horoscope Gayatri devi vasudev horoscope
    gayatri devi vasudev horoscope Gayatri devi vasudev horoscope
    gayatri devi vasudev horoscope Gayatri devi vasudev horoscope

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