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The other reason why an Astrologer should use a computer for casting horoscope is that Astrologers need not waste precious time in doing things that a machine can easily do. The computer software obviously cannot think, listen and react like human beings. So reading a horoscope is best done by a computer. The Astrologer should be intelligent, compassionate, know what is happening in the world, know a great deal of Indian philosophy, should be able to combine Astrological knowledge with practical wisdom. Above all he must be aware that he is dealing with the emotions of a human being the most fragile thing in the world.

The next thing you need to check in your computer horoscope is that if the right Ayanamsa was used. Stay away from disputes about which is the right Ayanamsa unless you have a great deal of time to be wasted away in useless discussions. At this point it is sufficient if you know that most Astrologers in the world use Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa also known as Lahiri Ayanamsa. Get your horoscope spiral bound so that you can easily turn the pages around.

Loose papers make it that much more difficult because they keep flying off and the pages get mixed up. Add extra papers before binding so that you can write down your observation and feedback about the horoscope later on.


A healthy hobby that helps you know more about your special life on planet earth. Now everything is in place. What next? What are all the symbols in your horoscope trying to communicate to you? Seeing is believing. Turn to the page in which your basic horoscope is printed. Usually there are many charts but this is the main chart. It is the REAL horoscope. All other charts are only derived from this diagram. When there are many charts printed usually this chart is bigger than the other charts and is usually printed first. This is house no.

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In many horoscope you may see this house marked with a diagonal line like the one that you see on the diagram on the left side. The diagonal line tells you where the most important reference point is. Every 2 hours the Lagna Ascendant moves to the next sign:. There are 12 signs in your horoscope.

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The Ascendant in your horoscope may be in any of the 12 signs. There are 24 hours in a day. So 1 sign is for 2 hours. If you were born 2 hours earlier the lagna Ascendant will be in the sign that is previous to your Ascendant. Every 2 hours the Ascendant moves forward by 1 sign. After 2 hours the Ascendant will be in the next sign after the sign that contains the Sun so the Sun will be in the 12th house from the Ascendant. If you have the Sun in the 10th house you are born close to the Noon plus or minus 1 hour from Noon. If you have the Sun in the 7th house you were born around Sunset time.

If you have the Sun in the 4th house then you were born during midnight. What you see in the example horoscope is prepared in the South Indian format. Of the various formats available today this one is the easiest to understand. If you try with other formats you may perhaps give up Astrology as other formats are very confusing and difficult to grasp. There are 9 planets grahas. Not all of them are planets. Sun and Moon are not. Rahu and Ketu are mathematical points or shall we say shadow points in the sky. The gap between the 7 and 8 is deliberate. The reason is that the 7 names pertain to the weekdays as well starting from Sunday and ending with Saturday.

So everyone in the world knows the 1st 7 planets because they use the weekdays all through their life. There are 12 houses in your horoscope. Remember this as equal to 12 months of a year.

Vedic Astrology: Introduction to Jyotish or Indian Astrology

First find out which house each of the 9 planets occupy. Memorize them. Because this is your life. If that be the case you will surely have the following experience:. A hot body — always warm and above normal temperature. Prone to eye problems — severe retina problem mostly Always prone to anger Super Ego personality. For example if you shake hands with a person and you feel that his hands are unusually warm then surely the SUN in his horoscope occupies the 1st house.

In any case Pluto was expelled. They have no role to play in our Karma. Coming back to the 12 houses, note that there are houses numbered from 1 to Mark the remaining houses as 2 to 12 in a clockwise direction. When you reach 12 the next house is obviously the 1st house or where the ASC is. Each house deals with a group of activities or aspects of your life. The list of matters that pertain to any house is indeed quite long as you will soon come to know.

But thank GOD we are now going to discuss only the most important aspect of each house. Once you know the keywords that relate to each house the rest you will know automatically if you start applying your mind on it. Following are 4 sets of Trinal houses They are called trines.

They have 4 houses lying between them. So the distance between them are equal. Every box you see in your horoscope has a name. Imagine that is a space in the sky and it has been assigned a name. Aries is the 1st zodiac sign. The nature springs back to action. The following is the lords of each sign. This is applicable to all the horoscopes you will ever get to see. What we are trying to say is that the right hand top corner is called Gemini Mithuna and the Lord of that Sign is always Mercury Budha.

This does not change from one person to another. From the above chart you can see that each of the graha wrongly referred as planets owns 2 signs except the Sun and the Moon. Sun owns just 1 sign and that is Leo.

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Moon owns Cancer. The 1st sign is Aries and is ruled by Mars. The 2nd sign is rules by Venus, the 3rd by Mercury, the 4th by Moon, the 5th by Sun, the 6th by Mercury and so on and you will note that Jupiter is the lord of the 12th sign that is called Pisces Meena. In your horoscope the 1st house is where the Lagna or Ascendant is. Relative Roads. Building Materials. Water Source. Inside Compound. Parking Lot. Main door. House Interior. Overhead Tank. Puja Room.

Living Room. Bed Room. Study Room. Dining Room. Safe Room. Store Room. Upper Floor. General Info. Indian Name.

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Western Name. Indian System of Houses. Lord of House.

Mesha March to April. Kuja Mars. Vrishaba April to May. Sukra Venus. Mithuna May to June. Buddha Mercury. Karkata June to July. Chandra Moon. Simha July to August. Surya Sun. Kanya August to September. Tula September to October. Vrischika October to November. Dhanus November to December. Guru Jupiter. Makara December to January. Sani Saturn. Kumbha January to February. Meena Februaryto March.

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There are so many house division systems but the whole sign system is not available! Update needed now! Another half-hearted money making scheme. This is really a wonderful app and I cannot thank the people enough who made this happen. One feature if added would be jewel in crown and that is personalized birth chart. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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