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Reading boss Gomes sacked, according to reports

Having successfully moved on and climbed the corporate ladder, I now find myself in a new, very senior job with a new company starting Jan encountering all the elements I experienced before. Is it time to move on? Do I stay and fight? Am I powerful enough to do so?

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Helen Ruth, Hertfordshire. A You don't seem to know your own strength. You seem well gifted to understand and handle plutonic plots. Expect a battle royal in August, when major planets clash exactly on that Pluto of yours, but with presidential Jupiter passing by your Sun, the force is with you. As a Virgo, administrate your foe into submission.

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Q My birthday is on the border between Gemini and Cancer 21 June. In some magazines I'm a Cancer, in others a Gemini. Who is right, and does being 'on the cusp' mean I have a bit of both signs? Jason Dawes, Suffolk. A The precise date that the Sun moves from one sign's allotted patch of sky into the next varies from year to year. The only way to be certain is to get your birth chart drawn up. Astrological websites are queuing up to give you a free chart; try Stariq. As for that 'cusp' stuff, I personally think one is either one Sun sign or another, but every horoscope is a unique synthesis of planetary combinations.

Q How long is this bloody Saturn transit going on for?

My boss and all the people who make my work worthwhile are leaving. Dave Quaife, Milton Keynes. A Saturn is synonymous with authority issues, but you are nearly out of the woods. Could be time for you to apply for their job and become the boss.

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Which are my most compatible signs? Cape Breton's Amber Tapley reshaped her life and launched a healing Brian Braganza helps people find the courage to make a better world. Born in Windsor, Ont. Thereafter the family was reunited, and enlarged.

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The family moved around the country following military postings, living in 17 different locations before Jim entered university. Family was the only constant in their lives, and they were especially close-knit. Jim is survived by his older sister, Jane Wiltshire, of Almonte, Ont. A nephew told Jim recently that he was "the best uncle anyone could ever have" because of his non-judgmental nature and his lack of demands; he "just let the flower grow. Health issues, which were many and complex, forced him to retire in the s though he continued to enjoy life and nature very much; in his last decades residing in a cabin in the woods, content to feed the birds, observe wildlife and his semi-domesticated cats, pursue his extensive reading and enjoyment of certain CBC radio programs.

His birdfeeders brought the silent woods back to life after the devastation of Hurricane Juan. Jim was a compassionate man who helped his long-time companion, Janet Morris, through many difficulties.

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Jim mastered the simple life. He had a quiet, intelligent and dignified bearing. He had an engineer's drafting skills, a photographer's eye, and beautiful calligraphic handwriting. Naturally athletic, he enjoyed skiing, and was noticeable on the slopes for his natural grace and his lumberjack attire.

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Though generally reserved, he had a special ability to engage local people during his travels. Less courageous singles of any gender could always try some midsummer love divination with Tarot cards — some of the cards to look out for include The Lovers of course! The Six of Cups often suggests the rekindling of an old love relationship.

A bowl of flowers and floating tea lights would be a lovely Midsummer accompaniment to a love divination session. Love spells targeting a particular person are best avoided though. They are deeply unethical, and when - or if - they work they tend to backfire.

Scorpio October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

By Jane Lyle Welcome Summer! Latest Articles. Weekly love horoscope by Sarah Bartlett. People walk into our lives by chance, and then sometimes out again. It may be by choice, or circumstances…. What I mean by that is that….

this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes
this is wiltshire horoscopes This is wiltshire horoscopes

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