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Choose from Curvy, Straight and Original cuts, each available in three different lengths — ankle, regular ond long. The result was a lot of smiling faces. First, Sean gave the girls a onceover and dished out the proper cut for each; Ceri and Julie were a perfect fit in a size 10 Curvy that really works with a rounder bottom; Joyce was dazzling as an Original girl because she's so leggy; and Claudine, with her boyish figure, was made for the Straight fit.

Then, it was a matter of choosing between all the styles within each fit.


Our favorite is a blue and white pinstripe, with a fresh nautical feel. Hurray for options! While Notify is holding on to their "standard" 25"" waist sizes c'mon, guys, what about us inch- ers? Or, more technically, the distance from the base of your spine to the outer curve of your bum. I mean, why didn't someone think of this years ago? In other news, Siwy jeans, which are all kinds of popu- lar with celebs like Rachel Bilson, Selma Blair and Nicole Richie, is out to solve your hip Issues and theirs, too, it seems.

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Oh, and the one-of-a-kind labels are made from American feed sacks, circa the '30s, for that vintage touch without hav- ing to wear them in. Now, for a pretty penny you can solve all your denim fit problems. Can you ever go wrong with a simple dress and great accessories? Once a red- tarpet princess in demure pastels. Duff now walks the line between sweet and edgy: She pairs sophisticated short-shorts with knee-high boots, simple dresses with bold accessories and tattered denim with clean cardigans.

By Samara D'Auria "This is my favorite outfit.

Leather wedges. The shorts are so cute, but they don't make me look j like I'm trying too - hard. And, like gingham, this is an endlessly denim- friendly print, so throw on a patchwork fitted blazer, oversize bag or patchy sneaks with your favorite jeans. If all you want is a cosmic touch, go for galactic sandals that give new meaning to the term twinkle toes. As for your basics, solar systems and sparkling constellations give hoodies. The sky is so not the limit. And the sun. Come to think of it, go for the whole galaxy. Sterling silver ring. Wearing a bow is kind that. Both devilishly flirty and down- right ladylike, bows add a campy debutante vibe to an evening gown, i They can also lend an ironic twist to a beat-up basic — like, say, a bleach- a splattered T-shirt — if you wanna add some sugar to all that spice.

What can it do for you? To give you inspiration for the perfect prom dress, we had some girls from New York Models try on our favorites: party frocks that, unlike your wedding gown, you'll wear over and over again. We hit the streets and bumrushed every cool girl we sow — so you okay, we too can bite their style. My friend Emilie Stridesberg I designed the dress. I always go for com- fort. I like the indie-rock boho look. The neck- lace was a gift. The under- shirt is mine — it's from Val Surf. Plus, there were on-stage activities and give-aways! Sweetooth designer, Chelsea Cromwell, was on hand at each stop to talk to hopeful designers-to-be about getting to know the biz.

And representatives from the Wilhelmina modeling agency in NYC offered an open casting call and advice to girls ready to take on modeling. One lucky ELLEgirl reader was even able to "surf the runway" alongside professional models and get her first taste of fame. Next, blend brick-red blush on the apples of your cheeks for an outdoorsy flush.

Moscoro-wise, stick to your top loshes. Skip lip liner if you want a soft, non-Aguilera look. E-moH sophie sg o tl og l rl. The scrub, lotion and dry-oil perfume spray smell like the ocean, pina coladas and the yummiest suntan lotion swirled into one. The best part? Since these pick-me-ups aren't crazy pricey, you might still have enough dough for a JetBlue flight to Miami when vacation rolls around. Imagine how your feet must feel. They faithfully served you all night while you were los- ing it to "Gold Digger" in those insane stilettos. It's time to give back, twinkle toes. Scrub and Heating Hydrating.

Now get ready for the remix. Spare me the lectures. I wanted to use tampons. But I was scared they would hurt. Plus I got great protection. So even with gutter balls, I was a winner last night! So COmfiortable you cant even feel them? Now when product buildup and secondhand smoke leave me grimy, I reach for bottled Right next to my Poland Spring. Luxe ladies use the highlighter as a magic wond to brighten dark circles and tired skin.

Since we're almost not worthy, here's how the latest crop of wannabes measures up. It's hard to top the original. Very blend- able, though. Use your change for a manicure. Miss Foncyponts. A- VMnom I've always liked vanilla.. But being, you know, a journalist, I'm the first to test dangerous new goods. I was expecting something sickly sweet, but this stuff gives off more of a warm, comforting fra- grance.

I even got compliments on my "perfume" dur- ing kick-boxing class — normally, my least sexy moment of the week. Of course, I still love my Powder Fresh. Shiny metallics for flftosly Uds. Coats even the finest littif suck- ers. That zit's get- ting pretty ner- vous. COM What's your favorite men's cologne? E-mail sophie ellegirl. Dual-ended creamy lip color plus sparkling lip gloss. Wear alone or layer and blend for a more dramatic look. By AnaTs Lombard and Joanna Douglas Goody Magnetic Rollers Occasionally, a trend comes along that inspires even the most low-maintenance girls to dig out their hot rollers and rusty bottles of AquoNet.

Wrap a one-inch section of hair from ends to roots around each curler and roll it up to ear level you want your roots to be smooth and spritz with hair- spray. Take out the rollers once they're cool and "finger through your hair to create separation," says Guido Palau, Redken's key stylist. Mist the liv- ing hell out of your hair. Now do it again. Is the world even ready? COM E-mail sophies ellegirl. From a few well-placed skinnies at Biugirl left to L.

They can be tricky, so don't fret if your style ends up a lit- tle kooky the first time around. Words of wisdom from Paul: "You should just have fun with your hair. ELLEgirl's photo editor, and resident hipster hair expert, Mariel, recom- mends braiding your hair tightly while it's still wet, for a sleek finish with fewer fly- awoys, then letting the rest air-dry. That said, if l-belong-in-a-J. That, and it's the glam version of the college bun. Paul advises cutting the bot- JB tom off a T-shirt. Claire Danes and SJP may reserve the inverse twist for movie pre- mieres, but who says it's too fancy for school?

Guido says to prep your mop with a thick- ening lotion, comb your hair from the back toward the left side and hold in a high ponytail. Stick a few pins vertically up the right side. Twist and roll down, starting from the top. Finish with an elas- tic, a few pins for security and gel or shine spray.

Paul says to make sure your make- up is looking fab since your face is exposed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

We, however, think people will be so totally nuts about your hair, they won't notice anything else. Natalie Portman did it, too, before she went all cue ball on us. This bandwagon is calling your name. Paul thinks "bangs are so over," so grow them out or pin back If you're still feeling them. Try a French twist in long hair; for short- er, just clip all over. Let pins peek out playfully to show people you created this masterpiece yourself, since, uh, you did.

For Paris-Hilton-extension-length hair, gather the top section from the front Into a ponytail. If your locks are more like Ms. Hilton's, au naturel, Paul says to "take sec- tions from temple to temple and bring them back with pins. Got bangs? Sweep 'em to the side for this one, 6 la Jessica Simpson. We think not. Before you use any heat-styling tools, prep your hair with a Icavc-in thermal protectant. Keep the nozzle of your dryer at least four inches away from your hair and use a low setting. Flat and curling irons can seriously fry your hair, but unless you use them all the time, you should be okay to go nuts for a couple of weeks.

Now go try that flatironed side ponytail again. I have close-set eyes. How can I make them look farther apart? The goal is to draw attention away from the inner corners of your eyes by applying darker shades near the far corners, explains makeup artist Fiona Horne, Start by highlighting the inner portion of your lid, right near your tear ducts, with a subtle read: No conspicu- ous glitter, please!

And if simple liner — liquid, pencil, gel — is your poison, you can draw the line past the outer corner. Only define the outer half of your lid, making the line thicker as you get to the wing. In terms of mascara, again, focus on the outer lashes and leave the inner ones alone. Point is, free-range is a virtually meaningless label used to justify a higher price. COM Copyrighted material A. Find It alongside your other favorite Secret Products. PPll d. Check out who said what, then visit ELLEgirl.

Grab your camera phone and take a pic of this page - you can win one of the awesome gadgets that our readers wrote about! Here's how: 1. SNAP a pic of this page 2. Text message eg gadget to ] 3. WIN You'll get an instant message back saying whether or not you've won! If you don't have a cell phone, email us at eg mobot. In the subject line, write eg gadget. In the body of your email, write your name, address and phone number.

You'll get an email message back saying whether or not you've won! Music is my saving grace for coping with the hardships that come along with being ill. It has helped me immensely through smiles and tears. I am horrible with directions and being able to call when I need an answer is priceless.

I also feel safer, because I can cal! Erica D. With online maps, I can find my way anywhere! I have the freedom to know and do everything. BreAnna W.. I love my cell phone because it's waterproof and I love to surf. My parents used to worry when I would go down to the beach, but now they aren't because they can get in touch with me on my cell phone. Ansley B. If my house were burning down and I could only grab a few things, I would grab my digital camera, photo albums, and my CD photo discs. Memories, friends, family — they are all important to me and I love looking back and see- ing how we've changed.

Valerie M. I love my digital camera. I am always downloading and sending pics to everyone. I have made photo albums in five minutes and even printed postage stamps from images in my online gallery. Lori C. Without it I wouldn't have met my boy- friend, I would have failed my classes, I wouldn't have known "what's hot" and I wouldn't have known about this contest! Jessica K. My favorite thing to do on it would probably be text, even though I do love to talk.

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Naideen F. Find it along- side your other favorite Secret products or online at sparklebodyspray. It didn't work. We didn't see that one coming. At SalonSavings. From shampoos and conditioners, to styling gels and finishing products, SalonSavings. Visit www. While supplies last. Both available at health food stores, drugstores and supermarkets or visit vww.

To learn more, visit us at www. Experience shoe shopping the Zappos way. Superior customer service Free shipping and return shipping Over a million shoes to choose from Generous return policy Helpful customer reviews the web's most popular shoe store! CDC All nghts reserved. But, dear readers, here is the truth — we don't really like this. Actually, we just don't get it. However, that doesn't mean you won't. This month's edition of album reviews has a li'l something for everyone — just like Sizzler. It's been almost four years since she's put out a proper studio album, but Fox still hits our mushy spot.

She takes inspi- ration for her songs from stories she's heard over her lifetime, from Russian folk tales to anecdotes her grandmother told her. If you're squeamish about country music— didn't Johnny Cash teach you country is cool? Say Anything Was a Real Boy p Records J Records signed this indie group and has since decided to re-release its two-year-old record as a double album the second disc, Was a Real Boy, is full of original demos.

Some tracks reflect singer-songwriter Max Bemis' struggles with being bipolar, and others take inspiration from a massive period of self-reflection. Say Anything has the musi- cal taste of licorice — a little bitter and a little sweet. Indie-pop at its best. But, don't let that deter you I From Seattle, Mudhoney helped start that whole music thing called grunge.

Now, almost 20 years after form- ing, Mudhoney has put out its ninth album, with the same punk attitude, loud guitars and intentionally sloppy sounds as ever. You probably know obout the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, but do you know what happened after 1 when the Pistols self-destructed and punk "died"? We're guessing probably not. After Johnny Rotten and co. Groups like these have made it possible for some of your favorite music to exist today. Dig Interpol? Take a listen to Joy Division. Enjoy those synth sounds from the Killers? You can thank Devo for them. So, get a-reading — your new favorite bands are waiting for youl Show your appreciation by sending us a glowing fan letter.

We are also fond of chocolate, cashmere and Willy VVonka candy. E-mail anne ellegirl. So you con stay as cute, sweet and dry as UR. Check us out at www. Too bad you can't see his pretty face — it was behind the camera the entire time. Take a listen to their new album. First Impressions of Earth. Cars won't fit, but cash will. We tried Claymation Once, but our photo assistant stepped on the protagonist. In fact, they can rub two short- breads together to make fire! Check out Mogwai's Mr. Go to mms. Note: This movie is fictional. Oooh, whales. Remember: Friends don't let friends "go wild.

That outfit sucked. Cry me a river, we're over. Like a. Secondly, nice 1 1-day engagement That didn't seem staged at all. Is this ridiculous to anyone else?

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Are we dreaming? Purple is a great color, but not when it's the only color. We do! T he girls of Octavian Country Day pack up their warmest cashmere coats and board a bus for a President's Day class camping trip to Lake Placid. But Ben has a new house guest who's so hot, Anna's perfect prom may not survive the heat! Secret How do you spill your secrets?

On your cell phone, of course! That's why we'll send you an ELLEgirl branded cell phone holder when you send us your receipts proving the purchase of two Secret products, while supplies last. Void where prohibited. Maxx This spring, your wardrobe could use a little re-vamping, so make room in your closet and head to T. Maxx to get the latest styles at incredible prices every day. And if styling Is your thing - why not make it more than a hobby? Go to BeAFashionStylist. Maxx's contest for your chance to be a stylist for an upcoming section in ELLEgirl 3. Billabong Spring into '06 in a new Billabong bikini.

The "spice" is the perfect swimsuit for your active lifestyle. Go to billabonggiris. The Open is the top U. Go to ellegirl. Op Op tapped the aesthetic desires of today's most fashion-conscious girl, injecting silhouettes with the timeless sensibilities of the world's most exotic beach destinations, and all the while anchoring them to Op's West Coast roots. Split The Split girl is wearing gauze and cotton light fabrics with ethnic batik prints. Choose from an array of tonal colors in our summer dresses.

Details are key with Cluny lace trim and wood beading. Shop now at splitusa. Define your style! For a charice to win one of the great products featured here. Copyrighted material ellegirlglobalslreetstyle Karine, 25 Paris "Mixed with block, bright colors moke me happy.

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She's finally touring the U. At age six, a horse nailed her en la cabeza. The blow hurt her memory retention, making academics difficult, so her mother focused on teaching her creative things, like paint- ing and music. The outside is just the dress you put on. They called me 'La Forquetina,' or 'Little Fork. Oops, did we soy that out loud? Industrial engineer. David, 1 7 Rome David who says he's really shy is into science.

Ever wish you could find a en ticket? That would rock, you don't need one to Popobubble, a sweets where customers get on inj look at the delicious process of making. Watching someone hot sugar while sampling caramels gumdrops sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday to us. Jet-setters will be happy to know that the Australian owners have opened shops in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Tokyo, and there are plans to hit London and Paris next.

For more information, visit papabub- ble. The dance floor, however, is packed. Club founder Grant Shapolsky originally wanted to serve mocktails, but Lexi Lehman, a year-old senior at an exclusive private school and official teen pro- moter of Crush, nixed that idea. Tonight, girts in sparkling skirts and four-inch heels stride into the VIP area as guys in button- down shirts and designer jeans follow, but Lexi says the guest list won't always be this exclusive. The "Mosquito" is designed to drive away teens who, he says, smoke and curse in front of local convenience stores.

How grumpy is this guy? They soy that the prom culture of drinking, sex and rampant material- ism limos, gowns, those pricey photo packages isn't in keep- ing with their schools' "value systems. The Racine, Wisconsin, Post Prom pretty much kicks that plan's ass. It's a sort of Academy-Awards-in-the-Dairyland extravaganza, starting with a wild parade as seniors from Racine's high schools ride fire engines, semi-trucks and even — no joke — elephants through the streets. The glamorous ones then converge on downtown's Festival Hall, where thousands of screaming "fans" cheer as seniors walk a red carpet past pop- ping flashbulbs and local-news cameras.

Eat your heart out, Paris Hilton. COM Got some news? Tell, tell! E-mail melissa elle9irl. Beyond the limits that stopped you before, to a place where you can hear your own voice clearly. And come back with a new sense of yourself that will last for a lifetime. No Experience Necessary. This is Outward Bound. This challenge belongs to you. Outward Bound Wilderness www. They are made for students with students by Doug Imbruce, a Columbia University grad, and his best friend Gregory Smith yes, Everwood fans — so they're noth- ing like those cheesy videos in your guidance counselor's office.

For a chance to win a U DVD set, go to ellegirl. Beer-guzzling com- petitions and pledge humilia- tion.. So they formed Zeta Omega Eta, a group that "combines the activism of a nonprofit like Greenpeace with the social clout of a sorority. According to Boone, describing the group as feminist was both a tough and a natural choice.

I want to stay together, but he thinks we ought to take a break. What should I do? Everything about freshman year total Independence, a chance to reinvent your- self and start over, weekly Thursday-through-Sunday partying pushes couples apart, and if he wants a break, or even a little variety, he'll probobly find it. Unless he's completely committed to the long-distance thing, too, you could foce some FEMA-level misdirection from him, which, frankly, Sara, you don't have time for.

You've got friends to make and hearts to break. Your ex may soon figure out what he's missing, but until then, you're living the dream. To enter, and for rules and details, log on to ellegirl. Guests enjoyed chic cocktails including the Ashanti-tini, Barcode Sunrise, Reebok Royale, Soul Tonic and T5-tini and caught sweet sugar highs with Reebok's custom chocolate candies. Deep penetrating treatnien works inside pores. Stri-Dex Power Pods. Only Stri-Dex Power Pads give you the proven acne-fighting power of benzoyl peroxide in a non-prescription pad.

Prescription Power-without the prescription. Facewvn lo Ood. MeohoHree pada. Coipon may not be assigrtod or transferred by you. Cash vaiue IflOOcenl. Send loBKstei Inc. Box M Good only on inrficatad Sbi-Oex products, any other use conslitutes fraud. I wasn't joining an anarchist gathering or even a vaguely political group — this was a knitting circle.

Girts of all backgrounds drifted in, some to chat and crochet, oth- ers to stitch and bitch. We dis- cussed the merits of crafts; then talk turned to New Zealand and subversive art. We touched on radical feminism, the media, and how feminism and knitting relate. This circle was proof: Yarn arts have shed their old-lady rep. Personally, I love knitting circles because we oil learn from each other, about knitting and life in general. It was a X strange hobby for a notorious tomboy, but I liked making use- V, ful things for people out of plain balls of yarn.

Alia, 23, , learned from her sister. Inspired by the Bluestockings circle, I held a crafty gathering in my dorm at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Ml, for old-school knitters and yarn virgins alike. One member of the circle was Shawna, 22, who used to play, with a "tattered as hell" knit blanket her grandmother made.

She started knitting scarves, and is working up to her own unique blanket. Cathy, 1 8, grew up watching her mom knit some beauti- ful pieces. In dorm rooms or shop-sponsored circles, gender and social barriers come down when needles get picked up. Lily, 23, says it best: "Knitting circles provide a forum for women to communicate about their lives. Some feminist clubs sponsor monthly knitting circles, and some schools even have knit- ting clubs. For more info www. It sucks, but this is not the time to pop a pill. More than 1 80, teens and children took sleep medication in , and the use of sleeping pills among children and adolescents Is up 85 percent from Hold on — that's crazy.

We talked to Dr. James Maas, author of Power Sleep, who highlights these safer shut-eye tips in his book. Here are your Cliffs Notes. DO keep a steady sleep-wake cycle. DO wear loose, soft clothing to bed. Maas says being overdressed and hot can induce nightmares. Even worse — you could wake up sweating, ewww! DO pick up the pile of outfit rejects from your floor.

Cleanliness will bring you one step closer to slumber. DO take a warm bath before bed. Warm water sends blood away from the brain, which sounds scary, but is totally fine, plus it makes you drowsy. DO exercise during the day. Duh, it tires you out. DO create a bedtime ritual, but keep it simple. For read- ing, try a "ten-page-only" rule.

DO try aromatherapy. Origins' "Sleep Perchance to Dream" pillow mist smells like orange, cinnamon and vanilla, and induces zzz's well, it did for me. At the very least, you'll awaken with fragrant not too prissy- smelling hair.


DO eliminate light — even the glow of your alarm clock turn that evil thing around. DO count something. We will delve deeply into how we use our sexual energy or kundalini or it uses us through the powerful sadomasochistic continuum lying deep in all of our psyches. We will explore the shadows of sexuality, intimacy, attachment and how they are related to the destructive side of the narcissistic ego and our unconscious relationship to power and fear. Where are we too hard on ourselves? How do we give others power over us?

When do we fall into a position of submission out of fear of not being loved? What does it mean to be in full possession of your authentic desire? The fierce feminine has been subjugated for centuries precisely because of its awe-inspiring power. The joining of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio inspires us to ignite this fire once again, from within. Yet in order to tap into the infinite creative power of sexuality, first we must peel back the layers of shame born of living on a deeply patriarchal planet.

In order to reveal the full landscape of the sometimes-overwhelming power of feminine desire — the kind that can fuel projects, manifest world-changing visions and foster healthy, productive relationships. You will find your anima, your inner phallus, and wield it without shame. You will tap into your kundalini and use simple tantric techniques to nourish your body with pleasure, transforming shame into love. From the first moment you felt a surge of desire, you have been throttled with an equal or greater amount of shame. Every time we look at our naked and clothed bodies, we negotiate this landscape of humiliation.

This dance of shame goes back to Eve and her apple, and Lilith, the one who refused to obey Adam and left the Garden of Eden — but the one seldom heard about or discussed. For the next 40 Days you will unpack and reshape your sexual history, your relationships, and your early parental patterning, especially as it has informed your sexuality. In order to repossess this fire within, experiencing and burning through a bit of rage is almost a prerequisite.

We will first make it conscious and then learn how to use BDSM as a positive tool for growth and deeper levels of pleasure and self-awareness. During this journey, we will transform our shame into pleasure, allowing it to heal our deepest wounds. We will learn that we have a right to pleasure on a daily basis, and that there is no shame in claiming it. And in fact — we must claim it in order to live full, healthy, creative, dynamic lives. No one can give it to you — you must give it to yourself. Get ready for the kind of deeps that contain our most potent shadows and portals for self-realization.

We will focus on where the sadomasochistic tendencies show up in your horoscope. I conceived of Project 40 as a way to help those who could not afford to come for regular therapy sessions. I also wanted to find a way to leverage the daily experiential tools and rituals we can all use. The Internet allows me to do this and I invest a great deal of time and energy in order to make each Project 40 journey a highly personal and "of the moment" journey.

Nothing cookie-cutter or generic like you might expect with many Internet packages and programs. Project 40 is extremely unique and will take you just as deep as very intensive one-on-one Jungian psychoanalytic work. If you were to actually pay my going hourly rate, for the amount of time you get in this program, it would be very costly. At So I am happy and grateful for the Internet, as it allows us to connect in a way that is affordable for you and allows us to be engaged on a daily basis.

Project 40 has healed me and so I have decided to share it as a service to the world under the blessing of my Guru, Mata Amritanandamayi who blessed it in Amritapuri in A Necessary Rant: As a diehard, classically -trained Jungian with seventeen years of analysis and supervision from some of the best Jungian analysts in Zurich, NYC and now San Francisco, it's painful for me to see how so much of the elegance and depth of Jung's work is lost and misused by those with very little if any actual experience or training not to mention their own analytic process.

Jung says that the unconscious is both beautiful and terrible but not something to "play around with" or take lightly by any means. Would you throw yourself out into the middle of a dark ocean without a reliable person at the helm Unless you're trying to live the life of Pi, this is probably not wise. The danger of superficial systems that I have seen claiming to explore "shadow work" is frankly downright disturbing when you realize how tricky it is to navigate the depths of one's unconscious without the proper clinical training, supervision and experience.

This is another reason why I am trying to make this work more pervasive as a way to undo some of the damage that has been done to Jung's work and credibility in so many "new age" and "self-help" circles that have sadly cheapened the work. A complex is something that must be worked at daily and consistently and with a skilled analyst to help you unravel the many layers. It is not something that can be magically "fixed" in one weekend, covered up with medication or removed with a juice cleanse. I am thrilled to see how much Project 40 has grown and expanded over the past three years, and thus in order to keep up with the demand this will be the last round of Project 40 where I can offer such a low price.

I am also keeping the groups down to only 13 people in order to be able to respond to everyone more individually, so don't wait to register if you want to do this! I know you're going to love how powerful and unique this 40 Day journaling paradigm is! She specializes in depression, shadow work, anxiety, creative blocks, eating disorders, and relationships. Her column, Sexual Healing, posts at Ecosalon. Just when we've gotten used to the ease of summer living, along comes the cosmic taskmaster energy of Capricorn to check in on how we're behaving and what our current level of commitment is to our long-range goals.

This particular full Moon has quite an ambitious energy backing it, as it squares Mars, the planet of action and aggression. We may be feeling frustrated and stuck in first gear with some of our worldly objectives. This full Moon will trigger that aggravation and make us want to do something concrete and serious about it. Although the problem is that Mars is in commitment-phobe Librayet--still--seemingly forever. This is all about to change by mid-month when Saturn ruler of this Full Moon goes direct on the 20th and Mars enters Scorpio on the 25th.

In the mean time, we're really at our breaking point. All of our inner devils and fears are raging. Another powerful planetary aspect exaggerating the effects of this full Moon is the opposition from Jupiter in Cancer. This creates some tension between mother-father energies and home-career areas of our life. It's a delicate balance to make time for our inner and outer worlds.

How do we take care of ourselves and others while being so busy in the world? Have we gotten so obsessed with ambition that we've been neglecting the emotional needs of our loved ones and even ourselves? This full Moon is like a serious reality check to determine where our true priorities lie.

Only time will tell where we are lying to ourselves. Where we spend time is what we value, regardless of what we say. This is an "actions speak louder than words" Moon. The more you add your own quirky stamp to things—and pour your heart and soul into all of your offerings—the more powerfully people will respond. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses… Check your mindset, this Sunday: Are you focusing on prosperity or freaking out about how quickly you blow through your paycheck? Negative thinking won't refill the coffers, but today's full moon in Aries CAN bring a reality check about better ways to budget.

You might have to tighten your belt for a couple weeks to get back in the black, but put some energy toward your income column too. If you need to show and prove in order to lock in your bonus, make it your intention to slay in Q4. Elevating your income might be as easy as learning new software, taking a training your company offers or starting up a side hustle on Etsy. Get the Horoscope Guide! Pisces Daily Horoscope. Tuesday, October 8, The urge to splurge on some upscale travel hits today, as adventurous Venus jets into your global ninth house until November 1.

ellegirl pisces horoscope Ellegirl pisces horoscope
ellegirl pisces horoscope Ellegirl pisces horoscope
ellegirl pisces horoscope Ellegirl pisces horoscope
ellegirl pisces horoscope Ellegirl pisces horoscope
ellegirl pisces horoscope Ellegirl pisces horoscope
ellegirl pisces horoscope Ellegirl pisces horoscope

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