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I expect that you, too, will master your complex task.

These Artists Created The Only Horoscope You Deserve, Forever

From the day you were born, you have been cultivating a knack for mixing and blending. Along the way, you have accomplished mergers that would have been impossible for a lot of other people. Some of your experiments in amalgamation are legendary. If my astrological assessments are accurate, the year will bring forth some of your all-time most marvelous combinations and unifications.

Awesome, you're here!

I expect you are even now setting the stage for those future fusions; you are building the foundations that will make them natural and inevitable. What can you do in the coming weeks to further that preparation?

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An open letter to Cancerians from Rob Brezsny's mother, Felice: I want you to know that I played a big role in helping my Cancerian son become the empathetic, creative, thoughtful, crazy character he is today. I nurtured his idiosyncrasies. I made him feel secure and well-loved.

My care freed him to develop his unusual ideas and life. So as you read Rob's horoscopes, remember that there's part of me inside him. And that part of me is nurturing you just as I once nurtured him. I and he are giving you love for the quirky, distinctive person you actually are, not some fantasy version of you. I and he are helping you feel more secure and well-appreciated. Now I encourage you to cash in on all that support.

As Rob has told me, it's time for you Cancerians to reach new heights in your drive to express your unique self. The ghost orchid is a rare white wildflower that disappeared from the British countryside around The nation's botanists declared it officially extinct in But four years later, a tenacious amateur located a specimen growing in the West Midlands area. The species wasn't gone forever, after all. I foresee a comparable revival for you in the coming weeks, Leo. An interesting influence or sweet thing that you imagined to be permanently defunct may return to your life.

Be alert! The ancient Greek poet Sappho described "a sweet-apple turning red high on the tip of the topmost branch. It was just too high.

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Let's use this scenario as a handy metaphor for your current situation, Virgo. I am assigning you the task of doing whatever is necessary to fetch that glorious, seemingly unobtainable sweet-apple. It may not be easy. You'll probably need to summon extra ingenuity to reach it, as well as some as-yet unguessed form of help. The Sappho translation is by Julia Dubnoff.

Santos Bonacci on Astrology and Spirituality

Is there any prize more precious than knowing your calling? Can any other satisfaction compare with the joy of understanding why you're here on earth? In my view, it's the supreme blessing: to have discovered the tasks that can ceaselessly educate and impassion you; to do the work or play that enables you to offer your best gifts; to be intimately engaged with an activity that consistently asks you to overcome your limitations and grow into a more complete version of yourself. For some people, their calling is a job: marine biologist, kindergarten teacher, advocate for the homeless.

For others, it's a hobby, like long-distance-running, bird-watching, or mountainclimbing. Therese of Lisieux said, "My calling is love!

We bow to the goddess of brutally honest push notifications.

Now is an excellent time to either discover yours or home in further on its precise nature. Have you entertained any high-quality fantasies about faraway treasures lately? Have you made long-distance inquiries about speculative possibilities that could be inclined to travel in your direction from their frontier sanctuaries? Would you consider making some subtle change in yourself so that you're no longer forcing the call of the wild to wait and wait and wait?

If a down-to-earth spiritual teacher advised you to go on a five-day meditation retreat in a sacred sanctuary, would you instead spend five days carousing with meth addicts in a cheap hotel? If a close friend confessed a secret she had concealed from everyone for years, would you unleash a nervous laugh and change the subject? If you read a horoscope that told you now is a favorable time to cultivate massive amounts of reverence, devotion, respect, gratitude, innocence, and awe, would you quickly blank it out of your mind and check your Instagram and Twitter accounts on your phone?

A typical working couple devotes an average of four minutes per day to focused conversation with each other.

temp.cmnv.org/sitemap20.xml But it's no excuse to laugh at someone's addiction let alone their OD. And the rest of Twitter is now meme-ing her experience on Twitter, which is extremely meta and ugh:. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. View this post on Instagram. Related Story. Mehera Bonner Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals— follow her on Instagram.

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