Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology

Astrological Remedies 1 - Moon, Mars and Mercury

These are called astrological remedies. If the condition of a particular planet in the birth chart indicates challenges, things can be done to ease the difficult indications of that planet. There are several different kinds of remedies, listed below. Service is always the best remedy and the first thing to be considered when choosing remedies. Each planet is associated with specific people, animals, plants, and places. For example, the Moon is associated with mothers, nurses, cooks, sea creatures, and oceans. Caring for mothers or doing rescue work for animals after an oil spill would be Moon remedies.


Sanskrit is considered a holy language that, when pronounced correctly, connects one to the divine. Sound is the vibration by which energy is converted into matter. This idea is found in many spiritual traditions, including the Holy Bible story of creation—God spoke, and it was so. There are specific mantras for each planet that can be repeated to connect one to the purest energy of that planet.

The simplest mantras are the seed, or bija, mantras:. Remedies for Weak and Inauspicious Jupiter Jupiter is the guru of all the planets. According to astrology, donation is the best of all remedies. Donate products like sugar, banana, yellow cloth, saffron, salt, sweets, turmeric, yellow flower, food and gemstone to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter. Also the donation must be made on Thursday in morning time only. Donate to Brahmans, gurus or priests to get better results. People who have a weaker Jupiter, should donate banana and yellow color sweets to poor people and birds, especially crows.

Make curd rice and feed it to poor people and Brahmans. Besides Sunday and Thursday, water the roots of Peepal tree. Jupiter lives in gurus, priests and teachers.

Remedies for Inauspicious and Weaker Sun

Serve them to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter. Do not have a banana or keep it in the bedroom of people suffering from Jupiter, otherwise their problems may increase. Be cautious in this situation. Venus is also the symbol of love. If this planet is inauspicious, then donate a white horse to bring peace to it.

Remedies For Weaker and Inauspicious Moon

Donation of colored clothes, silk fabrics, pure ghee, perfume, sugar, edible oil, and sandal wood also reduces the ill effects of Venus. Donation of its gemstone will also be beneficial for you. Donate these products to a young woman on Friday evening to get auspicious results. Offer sweets and kheer to the poor people and crows. Feed ghee rice to Brahmans and poor people.

Feed one part of your meal to a cow.

Do not use products of Venus such as perfume, ghee and perfumed oil. Also do not waste your time in selecting your garments. A person suffering from this dosha may face many tough situations. Astrology suggests some remedies for Saturn such as donation, meditation and others. If Saturn is inauspicious or weaker in your birth-chart, then donate a black cow. You should donate black clothes, black gram chickpea , black sesame, leather shoes, salt, mustard oil, iron, land for farming, utensils, grains and gemstone of Saturn.

Also it is very important to donate only on Saturday evening to poor and old people. Make curd rice in an iron utensil, mix salt in this and feed it to beggars and crows. Put salt and mustard oil on a chapati and give it to a crow.

Astrological Remedies

Cook rice and sesame, and serve it to a Brahman. You should feed one part of your meal to a crow. If you are suffering from maleficent Saturn, then read Hanuman chalisa, shanistrotam path and enchant the jap of Mahamrityunjay mantra. Adopt good behavior towards poor and old people and workers.

Wearing a peacock feather also reduces the malefic effects of Saturn. He should not have salt or salted products.

He should not eat or drink products made in mustard oil, sesame and alcohol. He should not do savings on Saturday and should not sleep on the floor.

Astrological Remedies for Planets -

He should wear a ring of shoe of a black horse and of a boat nail to reap beneficial results. Afterwards take an advice from any good priest and pray.

Planet MOON in Astrology - Effects and Remedies!

This remedy is good for people who are suffering from Sadesati or any other dosha. The person suffering from this planet may face many difficulties and problems. Of all the remedies, donation is most important. A person should not be afraid of this Yoga at all.

In fact it provides strong power to a person to face all sorts of struggles in life so that he may excel and achieve success.

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The general idea is that they may not be in 'one opinion within' for their own life but are the best people to seek advice from. For example: A person with this Yoga may not be a great soccer player being an average implementer however due to the deep knowledge of technique might guide someone to become one of the best soccer players in the Century. Most phenomenal Astrologers who have contributed to groundbreaking discoveries were born with this Yoga. It is believed that people with such type of a planetary setting, when once channelize their energy and calm the chattering mind either with meditation, yoga, mantra recitation, etc.

A key distinguishing factor in such individuals is that they are theoretical gurus of all trades but average or below average implementers of that knowledge.

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These individuals when clubbed with an equally good implementer who readily accepts 'a person with this Yoga' as his teacher , results in a highly successful union which is an unstoppable team in every aspect. Kemadruma Yoga is formed if the second and twelfth house from the Moon are vacant. It is also formed when the Moon is not aspected by an auspicious planet or is not in association with an auspicious planet.

Rahu and Ketu are not analyzed when we talk about Kemadruma Yoga. There is a misconception about Kemadruma yoga that it provides a person with a troubled life. Hence, many astrologers believe this yoga to be inauspicious. This notion is not totally true.

remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology
remedies to improve moon planet in astrology Remedies to improve moon planet in astrology

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